The Making of an Idea Hub

When we were looking for an agency to help us redo our blog, we knew we were looking for someone special. We needed someone who could imagine something different than the conventional idea of a blog. Here at MIND, we call this skill schema-building – intentionally expanding one’s previous understanding of a subject to allow for another conception, a new perspective. It’s an active journey into learning and growth, and we needed someone who could go there with us.

We had this vision to transform our blog into a hub of compelling research, game-changing thought leadership and useful resources for teachers, parents, education leaders and the community of like-minded innovators.    

After speaking with a few agencies who tried to convince us of the limitations of what a blog is supposed to be, we met the folks at Kuno Creative, based in Austin, TX. I’ll have to admit that my schema of having lived in Austin for nearly 10 years may have influenced me. But on the whole, our decision to partner with Kuno was based on how they responded to uncertainty. We were asking them to embark on a project that would put them on unfamiliar ground. They responded, “We’ve never done it quite like that, but we’ll figure it out and it’ll be a good learning experience for when we work with future clients.”

I’m happy to say that that problem solving attitude and learning mindset continued throughout the project and we’re thrilled to bring you the results of this partnership. We welcome you to check out the featured content below and connect with us — we want to hear what you think!  

On Productive Struggle

On Reimagining Math Education

More than anything, we want to hear from you. Here are a few ways:

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Thank you to Kuno Creative and especially to Jarrick Cooper, Strategic Accounts Manager, for going into the unknown with us!

Heera Kang

About the Author

Heera Kang was Manager of Engagement Content and Design at MIND Research Institute. Productive struggle, growth mindset and equity in education are some of her favorite topics.


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