What Is Math Rigor?

Words that come to mind when you think of rigor? Rigid, exhausting, more work, less help, repetition, stress? The call for increased rigor in math continues, but many in the world of education seek a new definition.

With students and teachers alike experiencing the disconnect between classroom instruction and expectations on state assessments, there's a growing need for guidance on implementing rigorous math instruction.  

Though not the first time standards call for high academic achievement, more than ever the emphasis is on the latter—preparing for college and career success. For this end, mathematical rigor is being reframed by educational leaders to embody the elements of learning that prepare students' minds for challenging problem solving and deeper thinking. After all, this is what's required for higher-level academics and innovative careers. 

In this ebook, educator and MIND curriculum expert Jessica Carlson shares research and analysis of the new definition of rigor as framed by current standards and assessments. She poses the problem:

“How do we equip our students to be independent, creative problem solvers when facing rigorous material, without relying on rigid pathways or stock formulas as the only means to solving challenging problems?” 

Along with a new understanding of rigor, educators receive strategies to begin shifting instruction and implementing mathematical rigor in creative ways that are uniquely suited for their students. Download and share the ebook today. 

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Jessica Carlson

About the Author

Jessica Carlson was the Partnerships Enablement Manager at MIND Research Institute and a former middle school math teacher.


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