Students Share Why They Persevere in Math on JiJi Day

When I don't know what to do at all JiJi doesn't give up on me. He lets me get it wrong, even if it means failing a thousand times. Then when I do get it right I learn something.

-2nd grader, Lee Elementary, Los Alamitos, CA

JiJi, the penguin in ST Math, means different things to each student.

JiJi is a friend, a math coach and a constant companion. JiJi Day, April 28, is an opportunity to celebrate that special relationship students have with JiJi and math learning. Thank you to all the schools who shared their JiJi Day celebrations!

Over 200 students used the JiJi Day coloring page to share how JiJi helps them keep trying in math. Here are just a few examples of why these students persevere in math: 


When I give up he tells me to keep going" and "She lets me learn. She gives me a chance.

-Neri and Ruby, Saints Peter and Paul School in Los Angeles, CA.


He or she shows me when I make mistake and how I need to fix it.

- Jackson, 2nd grade, Mary Ingles Elementary in Tad, WV.


JiJi never lets us skip to another level without trying.

-Caroline, Brown Elementary in Hilliard, OH. 



When JiJi helps you he makes us work very hard," and "JiJi pushes us to work hard.

- Austen and Hayden, 2nd grade, Marmet Elementary in Marmet, WV.


JiJi makes my brain stronger in math.

- Malakye, kindergarten, Midway Elementary in Des Moines, WA.


Thank you for sharing how JiJi helps your students persevere in math learning! Check out the Facebook album for more photos:

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