Marvel Highlights STEM While Debuting Captain Marvel Trailer

On Good Morning America today, the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Captain Marvel movie was revealed. That in and of itself would have been big news, but the way Marvel and GMA chose to unveil the trailer was pretty special. 

To debut the trailer, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson and ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee were at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum with a group of STEM students, as well as members of the US Air Force. 

Captain Marvel is the first female-led solo superhero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is slated to play a central role in the next phase of Marvel's big screen plans. In the comics, the character of Carol Danvers was an Air Force pilot and the head of NASA security before gaining her superpowers.  

During the live broadcast of Good Morning America, the students in attendance came together to push a giant button that revealed the trailer to an audience of millions around the globe. It was a great way to put a spotlight on STEM and the National Air and Space Museum.  You can watch the trailer below. 

At MIND Research Institute, we're working hard to help equip the next generation of math superheroes, so we applaud Marvel and Good Morning America for inspiring STEM students by showcasing Carol Danvers' STEM-based origins,  as well as real-life STEM superheroes like Ginger Zee and the members of the US Air Force.

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Brian LeTendre

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Brian LeTendre was the Director of Impact Advancement at MIND Research Institute. In addition to building thought leadership and brand awareness for MIND, Brian worked cross-functionally internally and externally to amplify MIND's social impact and accelerate our mission. He is an author, podcaster and avid gamer.


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