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A Fun Family Math Activity From Rockwell Automation's Jay Flores

Our partner Rockwell Automation's support of students extends beyond the classroom to the larger math ecosystem. And now that many families are leading the learning for their students, Rockwell Automation and their Global STEM Ambassador Jay Flores continue to find ways to support STEM learning at home. 

This past week, Jay filmed what he described as "a fun at home activity to guide your child through division in a way that connects to their passions, and includes a lot more fun than traditional math homework."

The activity is aimed at grades 3-5, but can be scaled for younger or older students as well. While Jay demonstrates the activity with building blocks, families can use 20 of any kind of object they have at home.

Here is the Spanish version of the same activity:

You'll notice in the videos above that Jay also features our MathMINDs Games: South of the Sahara storybook board games. Rockwell Automation's funding and support allowed us to bring the South of the Sahara games to life, and they are giving families a chance to win a copy of the games for themselves.

More information about the giveaway will be revealed soon on Jay's Instagram account, as well as the Rockwell Automation account.

A big thanks to Jay for the enthusiasm and joy he brings to STEM education, and his passion for supporting students and families! You can learn more about Jay, and his role as Rockwell Automation's Global STEM ambassador here. You can also follow Jay on LinkedIn, where he shares his adventures in STEM education regularly.

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