Partnering to Build the STEM Workforce with Rockwell Automation

What does the world’s largest company dedicated to automation and information solutions have in common with a non-profit education organization? The answer is simple: a passion for empowering today’s students with the math and problem-solving skills they’ll need to become the next generation of STEM professionals.

At the school and district level, MIND partners with administrators and educators across the country to further its mission to mathematically equip all students to solve the world’s most challenging problems. But in order to truly impact the math crisis in America and create change on a national level, we count on the support of individuals, foundations and organizations like Rockwell Automation, who share our love of innovation and our dedication to educators.

Sponsoring school districts by funding the implementation of ST Math is one of the ways partners help students gain access to our transformative program. Like Rockwell Automation, many of our partners are very active in their local communities and are invested in their future workforce. Bringing ST Math to their local schools is a way to see an immediate impact on the students they may be employing within the next several years. We also collaborate with partners on initiatives outside the classroom to help close students' achievement and experience gaps, as well as change the perception of math in families and communities.


Rockwell Automation: Supporting the Math Ecosystem

One of the things that makes Rockwell Automation such a powerful partner for MIND is that their support of students extends beyond the classroom to the larger math ecosystem. They wholly support MIND’s mission by advancing programs through their own key stakeholders and strategically investing in general operating support, ST Math, professional development, Family Math Nights, and research and development.

In this partner story, you’ll learn about the shared values we have as partners, the collaborative work we’ve done together so far, and some of the other initiatives that Rockwell Automation is involved with as they endeavor to support today’s students and tomorrow’s STEM workforce. And if it looks like I’m having way too much fun in this video, it’s because I am! At our visit to Rockwell Automation’s headquarters in Milwaukee last fall, the team, led by Patricia Contreras, Director of Global Community Relations and Contributions, showed us the beauty and character of a truly amazing city!



This video is the first in our Partner Stories series, which showcases some of the amazing partners working with MIND who share our mission and vision for the future of math and STEM education.

To learn more about Rockwell Automation, their work and their social impact initiatives, visit www.rockwellautomation.com.

Karin Wu

About the Author

Karin Wu is EVP & Executive Director of Social Impact at MIND Research Institute. She's building partnerships that truly transform education.


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