8 Fun Activities and Usage Challenge Themes to Encourage Your Students

1. JiJi Day 

JiJi Day is a wonderful opportunity to observe and cultivate a positive school culture around a love of learning math, perseverance, and the thrill of success. We put together a collection of ways that you can celebrate in this previous blog post!

2. Math Awareness Month 

For Mathematics Awareness Month, we've put together a blog and compiled some fun math facts, math jokes and puns, and engaging math activities and brainteasers everyone can enjoy. We also hope you'll see just how essential math is to your life in ways you may not have seen before.

3. February Activities 

Math doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Many individuals experience math anxiety which can lead to poor math performance. By changing our attitudes about math, we can help reduce that anxiety! So, we put together this roundup of radical math activities to help everyone feel the love during the month of February!


4. Pi Day 

It goes without saying how much we love Pi Day here at MIND. Celebrated every year on March 14th, Pi Day is one of the biggest math holidays of the year! Don’t let March go by without offering up some of our favorite Pi Day activities

5. Thanksgiving Activities 

At MIND, we had a chance to explore the culinary arts with our Taste of Math event a couple of years ago, but there are more accessible ways to bring math into food, especially during one of the ultimate food-lovers holidays, Thanksgiving. Here’s a blog describing 5 Thanksgiving Math Activities for the Classroom.

6. Halloween 

This Halloween, let’s explore numbers! We have some spooky number facts and questions, a scary number storybook for grades K-1, and an ST Math coloring page (for any age, including adults!). Check out some of our Halloween Math Activities

7. Winter Math Activities 

Warm up this winter with our cheery and educational math activities! The holiday season looks different for everyone, so we put together some fun end-of-the-year winter math activities that will help keep your kiddos engaged with math during the last few weeks of the year.


8. The Big List of Board Games That Inspire Mathematical Thinking 

There are many fun board games that integrate deeper mathematical thinking into the gameplay. These games help students develop skills such as multi-step problem-solving, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, resource management, and much more. Here's our list of go-to board games for engaging students in math through games. They are even arranged loosely by recommended ages, but many of these games play great whether your students are six years old or seventeen years old.



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