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Creative Themes to Inspire Your Own ST Math Usage Challenge

Teachers nationwide are designing their own ST Math challenges to create engagement and motivation for students toward mathematical success. Many teachers have also begun to share their exciting contest plans with us, and today, we’re featuring a handful of them to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing for your own contest strategy! We’ll dive into their creative contest ideas and showcase how you can make them work in your classroom.

March Mathness

Any basketball fans out there? This challenge is perfect for students (and teachers!) who enjoy the occasional game of hoops. 

When March comes rolling around, you can accelerate math achievement by engaging students in this fun little twist on the popular college basketball tournament. March Mathness is an excellent way to increase motivation and celebrate your school's love of problem-solving. It's also a great way to practice grade-level math concepts in a friendly and fun competition.

ST Math March Mathness Bracket Image

Winter Puzzle Challenge 

Winter is near, and you know what that means. It's almost time to celebrate the holiday season! After the holiday break, we know it can be a bit challenging to motivate students to learn again. But why does winter break get to hog all the fun?! 

Participating in an ST Math Winter Puzzle Challenge is an excellent way to increase intrinsic motivation, celebrate your school's love of problem-solving, and bring the fun and excitement back into the classroom.

blog.mindresearch.orghubfsWinter Puzzle Challenge-2

JiJi Bulletin Boards 

If you're looking for ways to have students track their individual progress throughout the year, look no further. Creating a JiJi bulletin board is a great way to not only build JiJi culture, but it's a fun and engaging visual display of how students are developing math proficiency in your school or classroom. It's also a helpful tool for teachers to engage students in their math learning and celebrate their progress.

Need ideas for how to create a JiJi Bulletin Board? Visit the link here to explore some ideas on how to track your students' progress. 

Check out some creative bulletin board trackers schools and teachers have already shared!

JiJiBB (1)JiJiBB (2)

JiJiBB (3)

You can create your own bracket or download our March Mathness bracket and list each class that is participating in the challenge. Whoever receives the most puzzles for that week will advance to the next round. Weekly puzzle data can easily be found in your ST Math Educator Console to track student progress!

Shoot for the Stars 

While your students reach for new puzzle goal heights, consider using our Shoot for the Stars theme. In this astronomical theme, JiJi journeys through different puzzle heights in a rocket! Use these cosmic bulletin board assets with included instructions (but feel free to make it your own!), and these colorful challenge commitment certificates to help organize your students' puzzle growth timeline.

Plus, if you’d like to motivate your students with memorable incentives, these brag tags tie right into this stellar theme!

ST Math Bingo 

Looking for another exciting challenge to engage students during the school year? The ST Math bingo challenge is perfect for building ST math culture, fostering student engagement and excitement, and celebrating students' strength and achievement. 

First, create a bingo card (or feel free to use the one we provided below!). Then, students can play ST Math Bingo like any other version of Bingo. They can get Bingo vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. They can even earn Bingo more than once. The prize? You decide!

The ST Math Bingo board is accessible to all students, great for individual challenges, provides them with choice, and, best of all, celebrates a variety of habits and successes. 

Students can use small stickers to cover the squares—or visit our JiJi Store for some cool JiJi Sticker Sheets to spread more ST Math cheer.


Whichever challenge your students want to participate in—or if they decide to participate in all these challenges—we'd love to see how they're progressing on their ST Math journey. 

If you have more ST Math challenge ideas you'd like to share with us, remember to post on social media and tag @STMath, or email us at Make sure you're following us on Twitter or Instagram

Ready to start creating your own goal-oriented challenges for your school? Get started with our easy Six-Step Guide To Design Your Own ST Math Usage Challenge!

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