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MIND Research Institute Presents MathMINDs Games

Irvine, Calif., Oct. 8, 2018 - MIND Research Institute today introduced MathMINDs Games, storybook board games that combine math, history and literacy in a highly connected experience. Through each story, families learn and play a math game as they explore real events from the game's country of origin. In this way, history, culture, and geography actively ground the learning of new and complex ideas.

“With MathMINDs Games, students will be able to see how math has a presence everywhere and in everything,” said Brett Woudenberg, MIND’s Chief Executive Officer. “The games will allow students to access math beyond the classroom and build a positive relationship with math that will later equip them for the challenges they'll face in higher education and the STEM workforce.”

Read, Play and Learn Together

The storybooks’ language and integrated math concepts are ideal for ages 7 and up, but the gameplay is tantalizingly tricky for all, including adults.

Jump into the Story and Go

Each story is based on real events, which provides the models to make rules easy to understand and remember. The storybooks are available in English and Spanish.

Build a Friendship with Math

The entire experience brings math to life in unexpected ways based on neuroscience research about how the brain learns, including touching and feeling math in the palm of your hands. By enriching gameplay, math becomes a tool for deeper reasoning and builds connections beyond the games.

The development of the first game suite, South of the Sahara, was funded by industrial automation and information company, Rockwell Automation. MathMINDs Games: South of the Sahara includes the games Achi, Gulugufe and Fanorona which are based on gameplay and events from Ghana, Mozambique and Madagascar. These games are designed for groups of 2 to 4 players and are accessible to learners at all levels.

“Rockwell Automation is committed to helping to inspire the next generation of innovators through our commitment and support of STEM programming,” said Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation. “Programs like MathMINDs help our company focus our philanthropic support, especially in the neighborhoods surrounding our Milwaukee headquarters.”

Availability & Resources

MathMINDs Games will debut at Milwaukee Public Schools on October 10 and 11, were featured at the Global Math Week event on October 6, and will be featured at the National Math Festival on May 4, 2019. A website has been developed where interested partners can help bring MathMINDs Games: South of the Sahara to students across the country by filling out a form at The website will also allow the public to learn more about the individual games, meet the partners supporting the product, and subscribe to a newsletter where they can receive information about volunteer opportunities, retail releases, future events and the games.

About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

About MIND Research Institute

MIND Research Institute is a neuroscience and education social impact organization, dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems. MIND is the creator of ST Math®, a Pre-K-8 visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving. MIND has also developed programs under MathMINDs to provide students, teachers and families dynamic ways to actively engage with math, and to close the experience gap for all learners. MathMINDs includes Family Game Nights, the national K-12 Game-a-thon and MathMINDs Games. For more information, visit

For more information contact:
Kelsey Skaggs
MIND Research Institute

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MathMINDs Games, storybook board games that combine math, history and literacy in a highly connected experience.

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