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Innovator in Online Math Education Launches “Sums & Solutions” Educational Blog

Irvine, CA, Aug 7, 2013 Today MIND Research Institute, an education nonprofit committed to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems, launched the new educational blog Sums & Solutions.

Sums & Solutions will serve as an engaging online community exploring the national movement toward online K-12 learning, and as a forum to share successes and challenges from the classroom. The blog provides a space for teachers, principals, superintendents, education leaders and members of the philanthropic community to share ideas, questions and personal stories as they seek meaningful changes to the educational experience. Among the initial guest bloggers are Linda Rosen, Ph.D., CEO of Change the Equation; Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart; and Chris Liang-Vergara, Director of Instructional Technology at First Line schools.

“Our work wouldn’t be possible without the contributions and feedback of countless teachers, administrators, donors and thought leaders,” said Matthew Peterson, MIND Research co-founder, chief operating officer, and creator of ST Math instructional software program. “We hope that the blog will be an open forum about how we can all work together and learn from one another to accelerate a national transformation in math education.”

By identifying what works and lessons learned in education Peterson believes that we can “crack the code” on helping all kids succeed, and that we can invent pathways to help students construct knowledge and skills that will prepare them for college and careers.

“ST Math has revolutionized the way students learn math through visual-spatial math learning,” said Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart. “Considering MIND Research’s dedication to helping all students, including those most in need; Sums & Solutions will be a great tool for idea generation and conversation.”

The blog will feature discussions on a variety of educational topics from Common Core to blended learning, with posts by MIND staff, educators who use ST Math, and guest bloggers. Check out the Sums & Solutions blog at

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