The ST Math Fall Challenge is Back

With the new school year in full gear, you might be wondering how to increase student engagement on ST Math. An excellent way you can help motivate students to spend more time learning math concepts and solving puzzles with JiJi is by participating in our annual ST Math Fall Challenge. 

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A study released by Proving Ground, part of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, found that students who increased their average weekly usage in ST Math practice show higher math test score gains compared to the matched comparison group whose use remained the same. 

ST Math Fall Challenge

Throughout the fall season, encourage your students to spend at least 60 minutes per week on ST Math. If your school-wide weekly average is above 60 minutes, you (or your administrator) can enter to win a box of gifts from JiJi! 

How to Enter

Participating in the ST Math Fall Challenge is quick and easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Sign in to your Administrator account.

2. Navigate to the Usage tab.

3. If the weekly average is above 60 minutes, take a screenshot and tag @STMath on Twitter or Instagram. Here's an example submission from last year's challenge:

If you cannot locate your school's usage data or need additional support, please email our support team.

The Rules 

All entries and social media posts must be submitted by administrators, not teachers, and cannot reveal any student information. We will only consider school-wide usage data for eligibility. 

Administrators can enter once each week starting September 22nd through November 30th. We will announce the winner at the end of the challenge on Friday, December 3rd. Check out how we celebrated last year's winner: 

Get Students Excited about ST Math Progress

Even if you do not participate in the school-wide challenge, any student can track their progress each time they use ST Math using this Fall worksheet.

ST Math Fall 2020 Challenge Worksheet

On the worksheet, there is a place to mark puzzles completed, minutes in the program, and even levels completed. Setting a goal and working to achieve it increases intrinsic motivation, which inspires students to complete the challenge.

The bottom of the Fall Challenge worksheet lists three projects. Ask students to complete one of the three project options. Students can choose between constructing a quiz, designing a game, and even creating an advertisement. These projects allow students to reflect on what they've learned, use creativity to make deeper connections in math, strengthen problem-solving, and practice using important mathematical vocabulary.

Looking for additional Fall Math Activities?

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