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Halloween Math Activities with JiJi pt. 1

It may be the spookiest time of the year, but there’s nothing scary about math or JiJi’s favorite Halloween-themed crafts and activities! Every October, we have a blast celebrating Halloween and putting together some fun ideas for you to celebrate the Fall season with ST Math. Although this year’s festivities may look a bit different, there is something for everyone to do in the classroom, virtually, or at home.

Paco Patch Coloring Sheet

For a fun and easy art project with your students, you can print out the Paco Patch coloring sheet. Complete the spooky scene using your favorite Fall colors or whichever color palette best suits your imagination.


Download Coloring Sheet

Halloween Costume Inspiration

Need some Halloween costume inspiration? How about dressing up as your favorite ST Math character! This student chose to dress up as JiJi, the lovable penguin from ST Math, for Dress as Your Favorite Character Day.

Stencil Art: Pumpkins and Puzzles

These printable JiJi and Paco stencils can be used in two equally fun ways!

Paco Lantern Stencil

If you’d like to put your pumpkin carving skills to the test, these stencils make the perfect jack-o’-lantern to light up the night. 

JiJi Witch Hat Stencil

They can also be used to create your very own popsicle stick puzzles.

JiJi Witch Hat Halloween Puzzle

Pro tip: Add a piece of tape at the back to hold the popsicle sticks together while you're using the stencil to outline and color.

Creature Card Halloween Garland

A fun way to bring the ST Math characters to life and decorate your classroom (or your virtual background!) is by making a Halloween garland using the ST Math Creature Cards. It’s simple, plus you can incorporate math by having your students count the number of legs on each creature. 

Materials Needed:

  • Printed Creature Cards (Note: I used the 1 per page PDF.) 
  • String (about 60-72 inches)
  • Tape

To add an extra magical touch, I decorated my garland with black bats and candy corn. You can be as creative as you want!

ST Math Creatures Halloween Garland

Pumpkin Pi(e)

It doesn’t have to be Pi Day for JiJi to enjoy a delicious piece of pumpkin pie! Follow this baking activity that's perfect for the whole family. The best part? It involves a tasty, hands-on math application, ideal for inspiring mathematical curiosity and thinking! 


Paco Monster Math

For Monster Paco’s math activity (grades 3-6), Paco has accumulated an unknown amount of Halloween candy, and it's up to your students to help Paco eat the goodies in the right order.

Can you help Paco? 


October JiJi Postcard

Did you know? JiJi shares a postcard every month with timely and helpful messages to inspire your students in ST Math.

October’s theme is Empower Your Students! For this month, JiJi traveled all the way to the United Kingdom to visit the Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland. 

October 2020 JiJi Postcard

Just like Forth Bridge represents a significant milestone in bridge design and construction due to its innovative style, materials and scale, this month, we are highlighting the innovative problem-solving tools that are available to you and your students in the new ST Math.

Fall ST Math Challenge

Throughout October, JiJi is hosting the Fall ST Math Challenge to motivate students to spend time learning on ST Math. Encourage your students to spend at least 60 minutes per week on the program. If your schoolwide weekly average is above 60 minutes, you (or your administrator) can enter to win a box of gifts from JiJi!

Fall ST Math Challenge

Whatever activity you choose, don’t forget to share with us by tagging @STMath on Twitter or Instagram! JiJi may surprise you with a Halloween treat, no tricks! 


Last but not least, Happy Halloween from the ST Math family! 🎃

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