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Paco Monster Free Halloween Math Activity (Grades 3-6)

Happy Halloween from JiJi and MIND Research Institute!

In case a JiJi jack-o-lantern stencil and spooky ST Math games were not enough for your Halloween classrooom celebration, here's a free halloween math activity!

See the directions below on how to adjust the math concepts for concepts in grades three through six.

Paco Monster Math Activity

You may recognize Paco Monster from the pre-k and kindergarten games Quantity Sort and Order Sort.


Quantity Sort game in ST Math Early Learning

This Paco Monster is a bit more sophisticated. Like the sorting games, Paco will only eat quantities from smallest to largest. But this time, Paco has accumulated an unknown amount of candy and it's up to your students to help Paco eat the goodies in the right order!

free halloween math activity

Download the Paco Monster Math Printable 


Paco Monster Activity Materials:

  • A printer and copier.
  • Crayons or colored pencils.
  • (Optional) candies or manipulatives to respresent candies.

Paco Monster Activity Directions:

  • Download the color version or black and white version of the activity.
  • Print one copy first for your master copy.

halloween math printable worksheet

  • Fill in the values for the number of candies and the weight of each type of candy (repeated addition or multiplication). 
    • For more advanced students, you can mark the axis with the weight of the jars by 5 or 10 (instead of 1) and use higher numbers for the number of candies and weight of each halloween math printable
    • For more advanced students, you can fill in the total weight for each jar of candies and the number of candies and ask students to find the weight of each type of candy (division).
    • Another way to create more advanced problems is to add various units of measurement.
  • Create copies for your students. Ask them to find the remaining information, graph the total weight and mark which jar will be eaten first, second and third.
    • Add physical manipulatives (candy) if you're already incorporating some candy into your Halloween celebration at school.
  • Share online with @JiJiMath on Twitter or post to the JiJi Math Facebook Page.

halloween multiplication worksheet

Example of completed Paco Monster multiplication activity.

Happy trick or treating!

Calli Wright

About the Author

Calli Wright was the Marketing Manager at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing and designing board games, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWrights.


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