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Free Ebook: Demanding More from Edtech Evaluations

Every edtech product has a study that says it’s effective. But what are the impact results of that study really saying? How meaningful is the difference between outcomes? And how do we know that difference is not due to chance?

Changing the Research Conversation

For quite some time now, the traditional approach to edtech evaluation—the goals, the conventional process, the vetting, description and use—has been broken. Because of this, administrators can be easily confused or misled by the scarce credible information about program effectiveness. Yet every school year, they still need to make decisions about what tools or programs to source, select, purchase, adopt and support in their schools and districts.

At MIND, we believe there needs to be more non-academic conversation about research, and that formal research findings can and should should be unpacked and translated to become useful to decision makers.

edtech-evaluations-ebook-tabletDemanding More from Edtech Evaluations gathers together content from MIND’s podcasts, blogs, webinars, videos and more into a single, easy-to-digest resource aimed at equipping administrators to expect and get more out of current and future edtech research.

Topics Covered:
  • The disconnect between ESSA & edtech evaluation
  • The problem with the “One Good Study” paradigm
  • Why ESSA’s tier system is only the first step
  • The lack of long-term accountability
  • Repeatable results at scale
  • What questions you should be asking when looking at edtech solutions

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Making Research Accessible

MIND Research Institute is a nonprofit social impact organization specializing in neuroscience and education research for over 20 years now. From edtech evaluation to studies on how the brain learns, research is part of what we do every day. Research is literally our middle name, and one of our organizational goals is to make research, generally, more meaningful to educators and administrators. We strive to make all aspects of edtech research more accessible, and better equip educators and administrators to make informed decisions about the varied methods and resources they choose to implement in schools and classrooms. The focus of this ebook is on equipping administrators with the knowledge and tools to get more from edtech evaluations right now.

You can learn more about our methodology and the impact of of our visual instructional ST Math program at

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Andrew Coulson

About the Author

Andrew R. Coulson is Chief Data Science Officer at MIND Research Institute. His team of data analysts evaluate program usage and measure student learning outcomes. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @AndrewRCoulson.


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