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APS Foundation Gives Additional $200,000 to Expand Visual Instructional Math Program in Osborn School District

Phoenix, Ariz., Sep 19, 2017 APS Foundation recently announced an additional $200,000 grant to MIND Research Institute to forward the expansion of ST Math in the Phoenix area and beyond. The grant will enable Osborn School District to continue implementing the ST Math program throughout the district during the 2017-18 school year.

ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge PreK-8 students toward higher achievement. The partnership with APS Foundation provides this innovative program to low-income students throughout Arizona, as well as teacher training.

“Our first graders really embraced the ST Math program and showed the best growth throughout the year,” said Renee Hamill, Principal at Solano Elementary School. “Teachers noted that the tool fostered independence, perseverance and excitement when taking on the lessons and in a lot of cases students finished the curriculum a month or two early!”

In the fall of 2016, five schools in the Osborn School District began using ST Math thanks to the APS Foundation. After just one year, the district reported increased math outcomes and overall interest in math. A mid-year analysis of learning objectives that measured pre-and post-quiz scores of all students using the program, showed that average quiz scores grew 15 percentage points with an overall post-quiz score averaging 80%.

“For some students, small group teaching sessions are more effective for them to learn so another positive off-shoot of the ST Math technology is that is frees up time for teachers to spend extra time with students who might need extra attention,” said Benjamin Smith, Principal at Longview Elementary School.

ST Math has been particularly impactful with Osborn School District’s large population of English Language Learners (ELL). The visual-first program removes language barriers and allows students to work at their own pace to build powerful problem solving skills. ELL students from third to sixth grade reached 120% of their yearly education growth goals while middle schoolers reached 183%.

“The proof is in the numbers and for this program to be so well received in its first year in the Osborn School District is music to our ears,” said Tina Marie Tentori, Executive Director of the APS Foundation. “As a STEM focused Foundation, this program embodies what we are hoping to accomplish which is to inspire our youth to not only enjoy these subjects, but excel in them.”

MIND Research Institute’s Chief Executive Officer, Brett Woudenberg added, “Osborn School District aims to provide challenging, rigorous programs that instill curiosity and promote critical thinking and problem solving. Based on the success of its adoption of ST Math, we can see that Osborn educators take their core values very seriously.  In addition to an exemplary implementation of the program with their students, Osborn also utilizes ST Math as an effective tool for master teachers and coaches to mentor new teachers.  We are extremely grateful to APS Foundation for their help in amplifying this district’s efforts.”

About MIND Research Institute

MIND Research Institute is a neuroscience and education social impact organization, dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems. MIND is the creator of ST Math®, a visual instructional program that builds deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous and creative problem solving to engage, motivate, and challenge Pre-K-8 students toward higher achievement. ST Math incorporates the latest in learning and the brain, promoting mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding. Longitudinal and broad-based studies across diverse population groups continue to demonstrate ST Math’s efficacy in building life-long learners prepared for success in STEM fields. ST Math currently reaches more than one million students and 44,000 teachers at 3,200 schools in 45 states. For more information, visit

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