Waddle You Do To Celebrate JiJi Day?

JiJi Day is coming on April 26, 2019! 

JiJi is the beloved penguin in the ST Math software games. Every time a child demonstrates understanding of a math concept, JiJi crosses the screen, signaling success and leading the student to the next more challenging puzzle.

JiJi Day is an opportunity to celebrate and foster a school culture based on the principles associated with JiJi: perseverance through challenges, a love of learning and the thrill of success.


JiJi means many things to different students: a guide, a friend, someone to help overcome obstacles.

We welcome you to celebrate JiJi Day with your students on Friday, April 26. There are a few ideas listed below, but please feel free to get creative!

JiJi will be roaming social media and sending out random celebration prizes - so be sure to post pictures of your celebration and tag @STMath (Twitter) and @JiJiMath (Facebook), or post to the ST Math Community Group (Facebook group).

JiJi Art and Writing Connections

Asking students to create is a great opportunity to extend learning and celebrate math.

The Really Big Numbers Club out of Robeson Elementary School in Champaign, Illinois created a JiJi mural using pixel charts! The possibilities for math questions and investigations are endless, and the creation gave students a great idea of what larger numbers (like 50,000) look and feel like!


We love how Hawes Elementary school in Huntington Beach, CA asked students to paint a watercolor of their favorite ST Math game and then write about their choice. 

Another guided prompt is the JiJi Day coloring page, which asks students to respond to the question, "How does JiJi help you keep trying?"


Whatever prompt you choose, be sure to share with us online and JiJi will respond!

See the Math Activity

Ask your detectives (students) to find mathematics in the world around them. E.g. geometric shapes in buildings, a floor tile that inspires interesting math conversation, an array of shoes in a closet, etc.


Last year, students found math in the shadows of playground equipment, on windows, in bookshelves, on game boards, on brick walls, on tile floors, on calendars and more!

You can see more examples and download the printable "see the math" activity.

JiJi Visual Sudoku

Make sudoku into a visual puzzle with JiJi! Practice visual pattern recognition, and logic and deduction during JiJi Day. Check out this free printable visual puzzle activity. There are three levels of difficulty included, ideal for kindergarten (easy) through 5th grade and beyond.


Build Math Culture on JiJi Day

Thank you for celebrating JiJi Day and building a positive school culture around mathematics!

Looking for more JiJi Day activity ideas? Browse the printables section on ST Math Central or create your own JiJi Day activity. 

Please share how your students are celebrating JiJi on social media! Tag @STMath (Twitter) and @JiJiMath (Facebook), or post to the ST Math Community Group (Facebook group) to be eligible for random prize drawings. We can't wait to see your celebration!

Calli Wright

About the Author

Calli Wright was the Marketing Manager at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing and designing board games, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWrights.


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