Students See the Math on JiJi Day

What's JiJi Day?

JiJi Day is a special day at the end of April, when students across the country celebrate math and engage in activities that promote growth mindset. 

JiJi, the penguin mascot in ST Math, encourages students to persevere through challenges, to love learning, and experience the thrill of success.

Math Is Everywhere

This year we challenged students to become math detectives and discover the math that is all around them with the See the Math activity. With JiJi by their side, we asked students to take a picture of the math they find in the world around them, and then explore the math through investigations or create math questions.

Educators posted over 200 times, sharing the math their students found from across the country! Here are some of the highlights from the #seethemath hashtag:












 More Math and JiJi Celebrations

Other classrooms celebrated JiJi Day with other activities, including JiJi visual sudoku, coloring and writing exercises, JiJi origami and more! 



 Thank you to all of the students and educators who celebrated math and JiJi Day! 

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