Students Home from School? Keep Learning with ST Math!

It’s that time of year, with snowstorms, spring break, and the flu keeping students home from school. This year the addition of the coronavirus, COVID-19, makes it all the more possible, according to the CDC, that some schools across the country may contemplate a temporary closure at some point in the coming weeks. 

At MIND Research Institute, our mission is to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems. That’s why we stand ready to provide resources and access for administrators, teachers, and parents so the learning can keep on happening, even if school is temporarily closed.


Not Using ST Math? 

Free Access for Schools Affected by Coronavirus

If you are an administrator whose school or district is affected by closures related to COVID-19 but does not use ST Math, please fill out this form

We would be happy to set your school or district up with free access to the award-winning ST Math program so your students can have meaningful learning experiences at home. 

Using ST Math at Home

By default, MIND has enabled home access for all of our ST Math customers at schools across the country. We are sending a reminder notice to all ST Math school principals about homework, including how to assign it and what to send home with your students so parents can help them access the program. If you’re a customer and didn’t receive the reminder letter, you can access all the same information on ST Math Central (login required). 

Students using ST Math at home will have access to the same content they are working with at school, including a total of 35,000 puzzles across grades PreK-8. Students can access ST Math using a PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet running the latest version of Chrome.

Ready to Add More Challenge?

Beyond assigning homework, you may wish to add some more excitement for students by participating in the ST Math Spring Break Challenge! The challenge gives ideas for projects to help your students make deeper connections in math by including their math vocabulary, problem solving and storytelling skills. 

You can also encourage your students to participate in the K-12 Game-a-thon, which challenges them to create their very own math game. The K-12 Game-a-thon is now open through June 30, 2020. 


Parent Questions

Parents who are new to ST Math may have some questions about the program and how to help their children. Here are some helpful links:

Homeschool parents in the U.S. can also use the program for grades K-8, available here

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