Evaluation Links ST Math to Improved Growth Mindset

At Robeson Elementary, a school in Champaign Unit 4 School District in Illinois, educators take pride in fostering a growth mindset in their students and providing them with the right tools for success.

Robeson's principal, Nick Gaines, brought in ST Math to give students access to engaging, personalized instruction and encourage them to become fearless problem solvers. Having seen the impact at other schools, Gaines knew that the program would fit right in with Robeson's culture.

“I’m a big believer in growth mindset and that’s part of our culture. The aspect of ST Math where you put in the effort, try hard, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes--that really resonated with our teachers, families and leadership.”

—Nick Gaines, Principal, Robeson Elementary School

Robeson's teachers have seen a huge impact with the addition of ST Math. Students are struggling through challenge puzzles on weekends, helping each other on tough problems, and seeing that perseverance reflect on how they approach assessments. 

To formally assess the impact of ST Math, Gaines performed a program evaluation, analyzing NWEA scores, ST Math data and even interviewing teachers. In his report, he states that the “most resounding finding was that ST Math produces desirable social emotional outcomes for students in the areas perseverance, cooperative learning, and growth mindset.” The report reflects what Gaines and his teachers had been seeing since the beginning.

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