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It’s Time for the ST Math Fall Challenge

With the beginning of the new school year just behind us, and as we swing into autumn, it’s a good time to consider new approaches to accelerate student learning so they can continue to build those schemas. We want ALL students, regardless of language proficiency, to accelerate their math learning. It’s common for educators to ask, “How should we teach?” But a more effective question is, “How do we learn?” After all, we want students to get the most out of their ST Math learning and look forward to spending meaningful time in the classroom.

So how can you continue to motivate your students to learn math concepts and solve puzzles? By participating in our annual ST Math Fall Challenge!

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ST Math Fall Challenge 

Throughout the fall season, encourage your students to spend at least 60 minutes per week on ST Math. If your school-wide weekly average is above 60 minutes, your ST Math administrator can enter to win some JiJi swag!

How to Enter 

Participating in the ST Math Fall Challenge is quick and easy. Administrators, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the Usage tab.
  3. If the weekly average is above 60 minutes, take a screenshot, tag @STMath, and use #STMathFall on Twitter or Instagram. Here's an example submission from last year's challenge:

Don't forget to use #STMathFall! If you cannot locate your school’s usage data or need additional support, please email our support team

The Rules 

All entries and social media posts must be submitted by administrators, not teachers, and cannot reveal any student information. We will only consider school-wide usage data for eligibility.

See official rules here

Administrators can enter once each week starting October 17th through November 11th. We will announce the winner at the end of the challenge by Wednesday, November 16th

Get Students Excited About ST Math Progress

Whether or not you participate in the school-wide challenge, any student can track their progress each time they play ST Math using this free usage calendar.


On the worksheet, there is a place to mark puzzles as completed and minutes in the program. Setting a goal and working to achieve it increases intrinsic motivation, which inspires students to complete the challenge.

Have fun playing ST Math out there! We can't wait to see who enters the fall challenge!

Victor Nguyen

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