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The holiday season is a busy one, often filled with wonder and reflections of gratitude. It's also filled with caring parents and teachers wanting to ensure that students stay engaged in learning over designated school breaks.
Here are our suggestions to help students and families stay engaged in math over fall break! 

If your school has ST Math®, a powerful visual instructional program that leverages the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems, you can encourage students to use the program at home over break with a fun, fall break challenge.


We also have several Thanksgiving math activities on our blog, in addition to the extensive list of fall STEM activities on our Pinterest page, whether your student is in the classroom or at home.


We recommend letting parents know about the fall break challenge and math resources for parents that are available to engage the whole family in math over the break!


ST Math Fall Break Challenge


A great way to start the Fall Break Challenge is to ask each student to set an individual goal. For some students, it may be to use ST Math for 30 minutes, three times during the break. Students can set custom goals depending on where they are in their learning or what their plans are during the break.



Download the ST Math Fall Break Challenge (PDF)


Students can track their progress each time they use ST Math over break by using the Fall Break Challenge worksheet. There is a place to mark puzzles completed, minutes in the program, and even levels completed. The act of setting a goal and working to achieve it increases intrinsic motivation, which inspires students to complete the challenge.


The bottom of the Fall Break Challenge worksheet lists three projects. Ask students to complete one of the three project options. Students can choose between constructing a quiz, designing a game, and even creating an advertisement. These projects allow students to reflect on what they've learned, use creativity to make deeper connections in math, strengthen problem-solving, and practice using important mathematical vocabulary.


After Fall Break

After students return from fall break, encourage them to share their projects. If students set goals, review them together, celebrating achievements and any obstacles that were overcome.


Be sure to share your success and learning on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) and JiJi will respond with congratulations.


Thankful Letter to JiJi

If you use ST Math in your classroom, you can download and print this JiJi coloring and writing prompt for Thanksgiving. Ask your student to write why they are thankful for JiJi.


thanksgiving-jiji-printable-tnDownload the Thanksgiving with JiJi Coloring Sheet (PDF)


Did you know? ST Math Central is home to this fun printable and many other resources to support your ST Math implementation.


Have a great break!


Looking for additional fall break activities?


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