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Spooktacular Halloween Activities Students Will Love

At MIND, we love to go all out on Halloween.

Every year, many of us look forward to dressing up on All Hallows' Eve, and the costumes never disappoint—some are spooky, some funny, and some are just outright adorable. Not to mention, it's also a great way to celebrate JiJi culture while dressing up as some of our favorite ST Math characters. Check out how we celebrated last year! 


As much as we love Halloween, we also love finding new ways to get students excited about math. That’s why we put together some fun Halloween-themed activities to give your students a spooktacular October as they prepare to dress up for the big day. 

We included some spine-tingling printables and chilling DIY ideas for all students to enjoy. Check it out! If you dare… Muwahahahaha…

Have a JiJi Halloween Costume Contest 

JiJi also enjoys dressing up for Halloween, but needs your students' help! We'd love to see if they have any fun or spooky ideas for what costume JiJi could wear. 

Using the printout here, think of unique costume ideas for JiJi to wear this Halloween. 

You can use this as a simple coloring sheet, or if you want to get really creative, gather some materials. Here are a few ideas we’d like to throw out to get you started: assorted felt fabric cut-outs, ribbons, construction paper, glitter, yarn, gems & rhinestones (we bet you can come up with more!). Cut or arrange these in any way you like and glue them onto JiJi. Let your students’ imaginations run wild! 

And remember to share with us on social media! Make sure you're following us on Twitter OR Instagram. Take a look at what students came up with last year! 


Halloween Candy Math Memory Game 

Here’s a fun game you can play even after Halloween. Got any leftover candy? Put aside those boring flashcards. Here’s a fun twist to a traditional memory game that’ll engage students and help them learn their math facts! 

You just need some blank multi-use sticker labels, a permanent marker, and some leftover Halloween candy (your choice!). 

Start by thinking about which math concepts you want to include on each label. For example, write an equation on one label (e.g., 3 x 2) and the answer on another (e.g., = 6). Once these labels are filled out, stick them to a Halloween candy of your choice!  

When you’re ready, play it like a regular memory game. If you’re playing alone, use a timer to see if you can beat your previous record. 


Scary Numbers Storybook 

Here’s another classic from one of our MathMINDs stories! 

If cows could talk about numbers, what would their scariest number be? Take a fantastic journey into prehistoric Lesotho through the Scary Numbers storybook from MathMINDs.

This storybook is geared for Kindergarten to first grade students and includes interactive story elements to engage the whole family with numbers.

Guessing Game Math Activity 

Here’s another fun and simple game students can play after they finish all their trick-or-treating—and there’s two ways to play! You just need a scale, a pencil, and scratch paper. 

Each trick-or-treater just needs to guess how much their candy bag weighs. If everyone’s okay with it, put everyone’s candy in a big bowl and guess the total weight. Trick-or-treaters can also guess how many pieces of candy they were able to accumulate by the end of the night. 

The prize? Eating Halloween candy!


Pac-O-Lantern Coloring Sheet 

Celebrate Halloween with another fun coloring sheet! JiJi is at a Pumpkin Paco Patch and has spotted a ghost! But at a closer glance, JiJi's actually found Paco in a costume next to a friendly Pac-o-lantern. Print out the sheet below and use crayons, markers, or your favorite art supplies to complete the scene.


Be sure to share your art with us when you're finished. We would love to see it!

Whatever you decide to do on Halloween, finding new ways to engage students in their math learning sets them up for success. Remember, math isn’t just about memorization and sitting at a classroom desk. Math is everywhere, for everyone, and in everything. So, as you’re having a fun and spooky time this Halloween season, remember that math can be fun and spooky, too—if you want it to be! 

Victor Nguyen

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Victor Nguyen is MIND’s Content and Community Specialist. Victor is a passionate storyteller with a penchant for creative writing. In his free time, you can find him engrossed in books, going on long hikes, or trying to meditate.


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