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Track Your Students’ Progress with JiJi Bulletin Boards

Teachers and students nationwide are expressing their creativity and building their ST Math muscles with some incredible JiJi bulletin boards. These bulletin boards are a fantastic way to build JiJi culture and track student ST Math progress. Not to mention, they’re an effective tool to engage students on their ST Math journey toward mathematical excellence. 

To inspire you and your students as they progress on their ST Math journey, we’d like to share some of our favorite JiJi bulletin boards to encourage schools and classrooms to create their own.

Take a look! 

Journey with JiJi 

This one comes straight to you from Lieder Elementary in Houston, Texas. 

We all know how much JiJi loves to travel the world!

Help JiJi Get Home

Brookside Elementary students are on their way to reaching their goal—and helping JiJi get home while they’re at it!

This JiJi bulletin board theme from Massachusetts is a great way to encourage students on their ST Math journey. Winter's just around the corner, so why not create a cool seasonal-themed bulletin board to get students excited about math?  

JiJi says, Game on! 

Here’s another one from Texas! Hickman Elementary students can’t wait to get their ST Math games on.

What better way to celebrate ST Math games than creating a bulletin board with a classic video game theme?

Take a Deep Dive with JiJi

How about an ocean-themed JiJi bulletin board? Viveiros Elementary students are ready to dive deep into ST Math and reach their 100% goal!

How many sea creatures will JiJi come across?

Climb to New Heights with JiJi 

Steadham Elementary is ready to reach the mountain peak with JiJi by their side. 

What better way for students to achieve their goals than by reaching the top of the mountain? 

With ST Math, all students can reach their full potential.

Interested in creating a JiJi Bulletin Board for your school or classroom? Visit the link here to explore some other ideas on how to track your students' progress!

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