Social Impact Is Personal for MIND and Our Partners

In each episode of the Inside Our MIND podcast, we take a look at issues and challenges facing education that we are working to address through research, technology and strategic initiatives.

In our latest episode, Brian welcomes Executive Vice President/Executive Director of Social Impact Karin Wu to the show for a discussion about MIND’s mission and how our partners help us pursue it. Karin shares the story of what brought her to MIND, which leads to an exploration of how personally the mission resonates with so many people who work here. She also highlights some of the work our partners are doing with us, and how integral their support is to MIND’s success.   

We have these amazing donors who see the future for the problems it already has, but also for the possibilities they could create if they work with an organization like ours.

-Karin Wu, MIND Research Institute

You can listen to the episode in the player below:


0:45 Intro
3:00 Karin's MIND origin story
6:00 What makes MIND different
7:30 Why JiJi resonates with educators and students
8:30 Taking the MIND mission personally
10:45 The importance and uniqueness of our partnerships
13:00 How current partners help advance the mission
15:00 The diverse ways partners can support MIND's work
17:45 Looking ahead

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Brian LeTendre

About the Author

Brian LeTendre was the Director of Impact Advancement at MIND Research Institute. In addition to building thought leadership and brand awareness for MIND, Brian worked cross-functionally internally and externally to amplify MIND's social impact and accelerate our mission. He is an author, podcaster and avid gamer.


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