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Seeing Our Core Values In Our MIND Colleagues

Here at MIND Research Institute, we talk a lot about our mission to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. Everything we do here is in pursuit of that mission, and that pursuit is framed by our three core values:Core Values PNG
People learn. People solve problems. We are on our mission at MIND because we know what we are after will have the greatest impact on improving the lives of people.

Problem Solving
We are working on the most rewarding, interesting and challenging problems there are. Solving them requires creativity and persistence.

We love learning. We want to instill a love of learning in all students and teachers so as to promote lifelong learners – individuals intrinsically motivated to understand the world and to know how and why things work.

Recognizing Core Values In Our Colleagues

Every month at MIND, we have an organizational meeting through which we share news, projects, goals and progress across all of our internal departments. We also take time at every meeting to recognize one or more of our colleagues who are shining examples of our core values. These colleagues are nominated by the people who work with them every day, and by recognizing them, everyone at MIND gets to hear about the great work they are doing.

We are constantly inspired by our colleagues, and the people here are a primary reason MIND is a wonderful place to work. We decided that while it's great to recognize those who are living our core values internally, we could do more. Starting this month, we'll be highlighting our core value winners on our LinkedIn page by interviewing them.

This month, Debra Balint was nominated to be recognized for the core value of learning. Debra is a Regional Implementation Manager for our Education Success team. Here's what one of her peers had to say about her:

“Debra has served so many roles at MIND that she is the go-to resource for many of us. Whether it's a question about ST Math, NetSuite, Clever or anything having to do with implementation, she has learned it all. And she is always willing to share her knowledge! Debra's commitment to learning and teaching others is an invaluable asset to MIND.”

We interviewed Debra about her core value award for our LinkedIn page, and here's what she had to say: 

Copy of Large LinkedIn Image--Debra B 2

We'll be back next month on LinkedIn to celebrate more core value award winners, so don't forget to follow us over there!

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Brian LeTendre

About the Author

Brian LeTendre was the Director of Impact Advancement at MIND Research Institute. In addition to building thought leadership and brand awareness for MIND, Brian worked cross-functionally internally and externally to amplify MIND's social impact and accelerate our mission. He is an author, podcaster and avid gamer.


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