Play the ST Math Winter Puzzle Challenge

As 2024 kicks off, ST Math schools are getting ready to participate in one of our most popular challenge themes: The ST Math Winter Puzzle Challenge.

After the holiday break, we know it can be a bit difficult to motivate students to learn again. But why does winter break get to hog all the fun?!

This optional challenge is open to all ST Math schools with an active license and will focus on conquering as many puzzles as possible within our PreK-8th grade curricula. 


If your school has ST Math, we highly recommend you get in on the action! Participating in an ST Math Winter Puzzle Challenge is an excellent way to increase intrinsic motivation, celebrate your school's love of problem-solving, and bring the fun and excitement back into the classroom.

Looking for other inspiring ST Math challenge themes? Just visit the link here to see how your school or classroom can get started with some past challenge ideas—or start one from scratch and share it with us on social media!

If you have more ST Math challenge ideas you'd like to share with us, remember to post on social media and tag @STMath, or email us at info@mindeducation.org. Make sure you're following us on Twitter or Instagram

Winter Puzzle Challenge

Let's get ready to play the ST Math Winter Puzzle Challenge!

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