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2023 Annual Report: Creating Equitable Impact

As everyone here at MIND begins to wind down and embrace the holiday season, we are infused with joy and hope. We reflect on the many achievements from the past year and are optimistic and excited about what is to come. With unwavering confidence, we aim to surpass our milestones and make an even greater impact in 2024. Most importantly, we're confident that our efforts will continue to have a profound impact on students across the nation. 

Even as the national math crisis continues to raise concerns, we're more hopeful than ever that our unparalleled approach and provision of equitable access to learning math will enable our students to succeed. We're in a pivotal moment and are more committed than ever.

Equitable Impact for All Students 

At MIND, we continue to advance our mission of ensuring all students are equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. And we do so by revolutionizing math education. We developed InsightMath, our new, innovative core math curriculum, which, like ST Math, leverages the innate, visual reasoning we all have to make sense of math the way the brain learns. We also continue to engage our communities to accelerate learning and transform students' relationship with math. This year, the outcome of our efforts reveals the impact we've made on all student groups

With tremendous support from our partners, ST Math continued to reach more students, teachers, and schools than ever before. This year, we reached more than 2.1 million students and over 110,000 teachers, and continued to expand our impact across all 50 states and over 7,000 schools.

A shining example of success is Meriden Public Schools, which received national attention for maintaining high math scores even amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19. As school districts nationwide saw a decline in math scores, Meriden students thrived in their math achievement—thanks to ST Math.

We needed a program that was educational and adaptive, that was going to meet students where they were at and provide timely feedback. That’s where ST Math came in.

     - Barbara Haeffner, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Innovation, Meriden Public Schools

Over the year, we continued to form new strategic partnerships and reach more students across the country. Together, we reimagined math education and created even greater impact through webinars and podcasts. We also grew our community by deepening connections with students, teachers, and families.

Thank you to all who play such a significant role in advancing MIND's mission. We're proud of the work we are doing and of the deep dedication of our teams, donors, and partners. And we're thankful to colleagues, teachers, administrators, and families who continue to guide our journey in transforming math education for all students. In 2024, let's radically shift the way we teach and learn math.

Read through MIND's 2023 Annual Report to see what we’ve accomplished and what we have to look forward to in 2024. Here’s to another year of ensuring all students are equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems.



Victor Nguyen

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Victor Nguyen is MIND’s Content and Community Specialist. Victor is a passionate storyteller with a penchant for creative writing. In his free time, you can find him engrossed in books, going on long hikes, or trying to meditate.


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