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Personalized Learning vs. Personalized Practice [Video]

Many edtech tools claim to personalize learning, but given its popularity in the education world, the word “personalized” can have multiple definitions. The kind of personalization where students can customize their experience, or the program chooses where to place the student, often misses the most important question: is the student actually learning?

Solving problems and answering questions in personalized environments often amounts to practice without the discovery of new concepts. The type of question or difficulty level might change, but learning cannot take place without direct feedback unique to the students’ actions.

Watch this quick video to find out three questions you can ask about your personalized learning tools to evaluate if they are truly personalizing learning for your students, or merely providing extra practice: 

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Ieva Galinyte

About the Author

Ieva Galinyte is an associate product manager at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys writing about and keeping up with the latest trends in math education.


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