Webinar Highlights: Repeatable Results at Scale for Math Programs

In our latest webinar, MIND's Chief Data Science Officer Andrew Coulson and Curriculum Specialist Dan Tracy discuss the need for a paradigm shift in edtech evaluation. They explain why multiple field studies are more valid than single gold standard experiments when gauging program impact and why WestEd’s largest national study evaluating a math edtech program is a game changer.

Watch highlights from the webinar in the video below:

Didn’t catch the edtech evaluation webinar but loved the highlights? Don’t miss out on our next webinar coming up on May 16, 2018 -- Personalized Learning: What It Isn't.

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Personalized learning is a central conversation in today’s edtech environment. But, what does it really do for us and what role can or should technology play in enhancing personalized learning? We’ll blend math and neuroscience together to dive into various dos and don’ts as we unpack the potential and meaning of personalized learning.

Topics covered:

  • Examples of what personalized learning is, and isn't.
  • Traps to avoid when evaluating technology from the standpoint of personalized learning.
  • Strategies to implement daily in order to increase learning in the classroom.

We hope to see you there!

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