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We are so thankful for parents and their critical role in a students’ learning ecosystem. It’s no secret that this month has been an adjustment for all of us, whether it’s working from home or becoming your students’ teachers.

With the Coronavirus school closures, you may have found yourself looking for resources to help your child(ren) keep learning while they’re at home. We’re here to help!

We’ve compiled helpful tips, STEM activities, and free resources to help you navigate remote learning during this time at home. Happy learning!

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Helpful Parent Tips for Remote Learning

Father, Andrew Smith, created a list of 15 tips for parents navigating remote learning due to COVID-19. Take a look!

We especially like tip #9. Andrew shared, "Learning to cook or bake is great for hands-on math," because it showcases a real world application of math. Plus, you get a delicious homemade treat to enjoy afterwards. That’s a win-win! 

It reminds us of Nina Wu’s blog from earlier this week, where she shared a delicious and mathematical pie recipe that is fun for the whole family! It doesn’t have to be Pi day to enjoy a delicious pie.


We also recommend these tips on how to talk to your kids about coronavirus from PBS Kids for Parents. It helps with addressing their questions and fears as well as providing talking points on the simple ways they can make a difference through their good hygiene habits. 

You don’t need to worry. Right now, lots of amazing grown ups are working hard to keep people healthy. Luckily, we already know a lot about how to keep healthy!

Fun and Engaging STEM Activities

In February 2020, we announced that our K-12 Game-a-thon was open to entries. Participating in the Game-a-thon is a great way to keep your student engrossed in STEM while making learning fun!

This challenge tasks students to brainstorm, design, and create a game that solves a mathematical problem. Check out our blog post round up with last year’s winners!


Learning doesn’t have to be traditional! Learning can also happen during fun game play for the whole family. Thankfully, our Education Engagement Manager (who happens to be a game expert) has tried, tested, and compiled a big list of STEM board games just for families.

Best STEM Board Games

If you’re looking for more STEM activities, games, lesson ideas, printables and more, we highly recommend the STEM resources page from MIND Research Institute. Most of these resources can be adapted to any grade level in elementary and middle school to fit the learning needs of your child(ren). 

Big Seed App

Pictured: BigSeed, a free app featuring language-free problem solving.
The goal is to unfold the colored "seed" tiles.

Free At-Home Math and ST Math Resources

If you're a current or recent ST Math parent, we’ve opened a brand new ST Math Community (Home) just for parents! Not only will you find other like-minded parents, you’ll also share ideas and help each other with creative ways you’re implementing ST Math at home. 

We also have a resource page set up on our website just for parents. There you’ll find things like math resources, homework tips, a free ST Math parent kit, and helpful blog posts to support you on your journey through the program.

You don't need to be an ST Math parent to find value and useful information to help your child(ren) with their at-home math learning journey. 

Math Resources for Parents

Recently, on our blog, we shared admiration for our partner Cisco, who has made incredible adjustments to help our students. To keep your student connected, Cisco is offering free usage of its Webex platform for remote work and communication. They also have compiled free resources for students and teachers.

Our friends at Global Math Project have also compiled a list of free educational resources on their site including ST Math. Make sure to check it out!

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Note: This blog was co-written by Jolene Haley and Edith Esparza

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