How Mineola Public Schools Prioritized Instruction Over Tests

Michael Nagler, Superintendent of Mineola Public Schools, was looking for a way to help his students meet increasingly challenging state standards in math. But he and his team were convinced that more testing was not the right answer. 

They decided to supplement their K-2 curriculum with ST Math to encourage productive struggle and creative problem solving in a low-stakes environment.

In ST Math, the rigor is there but it's not a drill-and-kill type of program. It's age appropriate and there's a conceptual base that lays the foundation for all future math curriculum.

—Michael Nagler, Superintendent, Mineola Public Schools

Mineola educators have seen a huge increase in student engagement and perseverence with ST Math. Instead of memorizing procedures, students are discovering the how and why behind math concepts: the kind of deep, conceptual understanding instrumental in persistence through and scoring higher on assessments. 

Read more to find out how Mineola's focus on rigor reflected in NWEA scores: 


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Ieva Galinyte

About the Author

Ieva Galinyte is an associate product manager at MIND Research Institute. She enjoys writing about and keeping up with the latest trends in math education.


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