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Halloween Math Activities with JiJi

Happy Halloween from JiJi and MIND Research Institute!

If you're looking for a trick or a treat this all hallows eve, you've come to the right place. MIND colleagues love to dress up and celebrate, especially when there is food involved!

Treat: Paco Monster Halloween Activity

This free math activity is adjustable for grades 3 through 6, as students use repeated addition, multiplication or division to ensure Paco Monster can eat the candy in the correct order. 


Download free Paco Monster activity

Trick: Play a Spooky ST Math Game as a Class

Several of our tantilizingly tricky ST Math games have fun monster characters. Pick one that relates to your current math unit (or a good concept to review) and engage the entire class in some spooky math fun!

Suggested games:

  • Pre-K-K: Quantity/Order Sort (Paco Monster)
  • Grades 1-2: Pie Monster
  • Grades 2-4: Fruit Monster
  • Grades 3-5: Pie Monster Fractions
  • Grades 6-8: Ratio Monster or Hungry Monsters

stmath-screenshot-ratio-monsters.pngRatio Monster game in ST Math: Middle School Supplement

Treat: JiJi Jack-o-lantern Stencil


Download and print this stencil to create your own witchy JiJi jack-o-lantern to decorate your classroom or doorstep.



Download the stencil

Remember, if you share your students' ST Math activities on social media, JiJi will respond with an encouraging message!

Also, if you're an ST Math user, right now we have an awesome sweepstakes going on where you can enter to win a JiJi visit to your school!


Enter to Win!

Calli Wright

About the Author

Calli Wright was the Marketing Manager at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing and designing board games, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWrights.


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