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Become Friends with Math at CAMT

The 2018 Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics teaching will be taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas July 16-18.

You can come see us at booth #216 all three days of the show, and get hands-on experience with ST Math while speaking with members of our team.

MIND’s Lead Mathematician Brandon Smith and Vice President of Content Creation Nigel Nisbet will be presenting at the conference on Tuesday, July 17th.

Brandon speaking-985785-edited

Brandon Smith presenting on the importance of re-imagining math education.

Here are the details on their sessions:

Session Title: The Three I's to Mathematize Anything

Time and Place: 1 pm in room 372A
Presenter: Brandon Smith
Session Overview: Math is everywhere and in everything, and yet we only usually see it in the classroom with paper and pencil. Let’s explore the three I’s to supercharge anything to become a math experience that enhances engagement and learning for all.

Session Title: Creativity vs STEM

Time and Place: 2:30 pm in room 372B
Presenter: Nigel Nisbet
Session Overview: Where does the creative impulse belong in STEM education? Why are tech companies recruiting Liberal Arts majors? Is Mathematics still the fundamental part of STEM? But if so, why is it so often taught without any challenge to demonstrate creative thinking? MIND Research Institute’s Vice President of Content Creation Nigel Nisbet will demonstrate how using innovative technology based on neuroscience and motivational research can transform the learning process of mathematics for students, teachers, and parents.

Session Title: Friends With Math

Time and Place: 4 pm in room 382A 

Presenter: Brandon Smith
Session Overview: We need to change society's relationship with math. What happens when you break math out of its artificial shell and spend time with it like you would with a friend? You get even more learning! Let's crack open the world of math experiences and see what building a friendship with math can be like for all of us.

For a sample of what you can expect at the conference next week, you can listen to the latest episode of the Inside Our MIND podcast below, which features Brandon Smith talking about his “Three I’s to Mathematize Anything.”

We hope to see you at CAMT next week, and there is still time to register at

If you can’t make it, you can still keep up with our activities during the conference on Twitter at @MIND_Research and @bds_math. Follow all the CAMT action @CAMTtweets and by following the hashtags #CAMT18 and #gotmath.


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