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Looking for Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

We’ve Got You Covered!

Think back to your time in elementary, middle, or high school. Who was that teacher you still think about to this day? The one who helped foster your curiosity. The one who made you think differently about things, who helped you see that learning is so much more than just grades and test scores.

When we think back on the teachers who had such a lasting impact on our lives, it's clear just how important they are. Teachers nurture us and help us grow, shaping us into the people we were meant to be.

Where would we be without teachers?

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, which starts on Monday, May 6th and ends Friday, May 10th, we're offering some ideas to help you recognize and celebrate your teachers this week.


Write a Handwritten JiJi Gram From The Heart

Want to tug at a teacher's heartstrings? Write a personalized note thanking them for going above and beyond this year. Notes are a great way to show your favorite teachers you put in the extra time and thought to explain how you feel. We've created these printable cards with sentence prompts to get your creativity flowing. Then, if you feel so inclined, share these shoutouts with your community by uploading them to social media. Make sure to tag teachers and @STMath!

Teacher Appreciation Week JiJi Grams

Hang these Posters up Around Your School 

Have a prominent spot with a lot of foot traffic in mind? Hang one of these cute JiJi posters on a teacher's door, window, or bulletin board throughout your school. You can take selfies with teachers and other faculty in front of each poster and post them on your school's social media accounts. There are four different options to choose from, or feel free to post all of them!

Teacher Appreciation Week Free Posters

Post Social Media Shoutouts

If you're active on Twitter, Instagram, or other social media pages, post one of these ready-made GIFs or PNGs and tag your favorite teacher so they'll see the message. In addition, encourage other faculty members and parents to comment on the thread. 

Teacher Appreciation Week (Twitter Post)-6

Shop for Gifts on the JiJi Store

JiJi swag is a hot commodity among math teachers, and the JiJi Store has tons of items they will love. You can order pencils, pens, stickers, penguin plushies, and more!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Have more fun ideas to celebrate teacher appreciation week? Share your recommendations with us on Twitter and Instagram, or email us at

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