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All About Family Math Workshops at Math Fair

Helping your kids with schoolwork can be tedious and stressful, especially when it comes to math.

It might go one of these three ways:

1. If your child understands the math, then they don’t need you to help them.

2. If they don’t understand the math, and you try to approach it in a different way than the teacher did, that could become a source of conflict. If your child shows you the new way, you might panic and think, “But that’s not how I learned it!”

3. If you both don’t understand the math (or you don’t remember), you may feel uncomfortable and like you can't help your child.

But math is not about memorization and applying rules, it’s about being creative and it's about problem-solving. How can we help make doing math at home as a family a fun and exciting activity?

At our annual Math Fair, which takes place this year on Saturday, Nov. 5th at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA, families have the opportunity to experience math together in a new way. During the fair, we are hosting Family Math Workshops throughout the day, where you will practice doing math together as a family, learn strategies to incorporate math at home, and receive materials to replicate the experience after the Math Fair.

Join us at a family math workshop and experience the joy of mathematics with your child. Check out these three Family Math Workshops you can join. 

Math Is Everywhere!

Recommended for families with students in pre-K to 6th grade

This workshop will help parents and their children see everyday activities through a math lens. You will put your goggles on and see math everywhere, and use math in fun ways with everyday activities!

140802_MIND FAIR_MKP-81.jpg

A family experiences success measuring everyday materials together.

Build a Skyscraper: The Geometry of Stable Structures

Recommended for families with students in 2nd grade to college

In this friendly competition your family will collaborate to build the tallest structure using only straws, newspapers, and masking tape! Discover how geometry is an essential part of engineering and architecture during this fun problem-solving session.

MF15_FMW_skyscraper.jpgFamilies compete to build the tallest stable skyscraper in this Family Math Workshop.

Games, Games, and More Games!

Recommended for all ages

Games are a great way for families to interact and share fun times. But did you know that many games can also build math aptitude? Play games with your family that build problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and fluency with the four operations.

Join Us At The Math Fair!

Workshops will run almost every hour while the Math Fair is open. Check the schedule below and register to attend the Math Fair!

Family Math Workshop Schedule:

  1.      10:30-11:30 am - Math is Everywhere!
  2.      11:40-12:40 pm - Build a Skyscraper
  3.      12:50-1:50 pm - Games, Games, and More Games!
  4.      2:20-3:20 pm - Math is Everywhere!
  5.      3:30-4:30 pm - Build a Skyscraper
  6.      4:40-5:40 pm - Games, Games, and More Games!

Register for the Math Fair

Erich Zeller

About the Author

Erich Zeller is the Instructional Designer for the Product Team at MIND Research Institute. Follow him on Twitter @ErichZeller1.


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