Developing Our MathMINDs—Week 4: How to Be a Rockstar Facilitator

Developing Our MathMINDs was a series of conversations and resources about math that is intended to be a journey of growth with families over several weeks. Each week, MIND's Lead Mathematician and Product Director Brandon Smith and Content Development Manager Nina Wu talked about the adjustments families made to learning at home during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the opportunities that situation provided for changing our relationship with math.

Each week, both the video conversations and resource links will be posted here on the MIND Blog, as well as on our YouTube page.

In week four, Nina discusses how to elevate your learning at home, reveals tips to deepen conversations around math, and shares action items that will help you on your way to being a better facilitator of learning for your student. She also shares some additional mathematical resources that you can use in your learning at home.

Here's Nina's message to families this week:

"We’re coming to terms and accepting that you’re going to be your child’s teacher for the rest of the school year. Perhaps you’d like to do more than survive! Let’s level up our teaching skills. The goal in this video is to bring you from, let's say, an open mic night survival mode teacher, to a rock star facilitator of your child’s learning. I’m going to share some tips, insights, and ideas of how to level up your at-home teaching."

To summarize:

  • Listen to social cues and be emotionally responsive to your child
  • Be mindful of what you’re saying and the language you’re using
  • Ask good follow-up questions to extend learning and dig deeper
  • Be creative and collaborative - find and create extension activities together

You can also download Nina's facilitator tips right here!

We Want to Hear From You!

We look forward to embarking on this mathematical journey together with families, and we want to hear about your challenges, successes, questions, and experiences along the way! This is new for everyone, so let's keep sharing and supporting each other.

This week:

We've asked this before, but we're checking in with you. What are you struggling with? Do you have some of your own strategies when it comes to being a rock star facilitator at home? What tried and true instruction advice do you want to share? 

To reply, you can either comment on the blog below, head over to our Facebook group, or comment on YouTube. Make sure to provide a link to your own video if you create one!

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