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Fun with Data: How Many Students Choose Math for Christmas?

For many students, ST Math may be something familiar they turn to during their holiday break, whether to show off their progress to their family or have some quiet time working on a challenging problem. 

A yearly tradition of mine as Database Analytics Manager at MIND Research Institute is discovering how many students log into ST Math throughout Christmas day. These students are choosing to learn math—even when school is not in session. 

Overall, 9,459 unique students from over 2000 schools in 45 states and the District of Columbia logged in at least once on December 25th, 2019. At peak (around the 3 pm hour) there were over 1,000 students logging in to play math on Christmas day!


On Christmas day, 9,459 students:

Homeschool@2xLogged almost 13,400 ST Math sessions

VisualConceptualInstruction@2xPlayed over 3,000 hours of ST Math

ActivitiesAndGames@2xMastered almost 332,000 puzzles

StudentEngagement@2xFinished 1,826 objectives

Is Playing ST Math on Christmas a New Tradition?

This year we had several hundred students log in who have logged in on one or more previous Christmases. While my family’s holiday traditions are more oriented toward baked goods and gag gifts (the year everyone got kazoos comes to mind), it’s exciting to see that some of our young learners are making JiJi a regular part of their winter celebrations. We also saw 172 students who are not currently enrolled in a ST Math class log in– kind of like visiting an old friend. 

The learners who logged in weren’t just trying to complete homework, either (though 32 learners did reach 100% completion on Christmas day!) 429 learners who had already completed all their core grade-level content for the year played ST Math. Ten students finished the Challenge objective and 42 completed other bonus content.

CP-students-2019-1While some students went above and beyond by completing extra content, others showed perseverance by overcoming hurdles. This year, students completed almost 360 hurdles. A hurdle is a level on which a student has at least ten unsuccessful tries already—so these are concepts that students struggle with. These learners used their vacation to work on, and master, concepts that challenged them. That shows a lot of perseverance.

Of course, students who do not celebrate Christmas may have logged into ST Math as part of their regular day. Even so, since most schools are out during this winter break, I am glad to see so many logging on.

Thank you for joining me in my annual tradition! Looking at this data every year reminds me how powerful the relationship between students and JiJi (and thus math) can be.

Emily Howatt

About the Author

Emily is the Database Analytics Manager at MIND Research Institute.


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