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5 Reasons To Attend TeacherTalks

teachertalks-logo-spacingWhen it comes to maximizing your ST Math implementation, staying on top of the latest features and educational trends will give you the best learning outcomes.  

That’s why, last year, we launched the first TeacherTalks Webinar Series to create a digital space for educators to collaborate with our experts on the best ways to use ST Math to its full potential. Back by popular demand, TeacherTalks are starting up again with a new slate of topics and facilitators for the new school year.

What are TeacherTalks?

TeacherTalks are a series of free interactive webinars on the ST Math Academy that are designed to enhance teacher knowledge and mastery of the ST Math program. 

Each month, our team will lead two 30-minute virtual sessions that cover critical information about a selected topic with an opportunity to get any outstanding questions answered.

If you've attended one of these webinars in the past year, we thank you for your participation. If you haven't registered for one yet, please consider doing so in the future. There's so much to be gained from attending, but if you're still on the fence, here are five reasons that might convince you to give a TeacherTalk a try:

Learn From the Experts

We are very fortunate to have some of our most experienced ST Math team members present at TeacherTalks. You'll hear from facilitators who were former math teachers and school administrators themselves, so they understand the firsthand challenges you might encounter when using the program. 

Also, seasoned ST Math users can expand their program knowledge by hearing research insights and facilitation tips from product specialists and instructional design gurus. 

Get Your Questions Answered

Attending a TeacherTalk is an ideal forum to get answers to any outstanding questions you might have. If you need help locating a specific report or are curious about how other teachers motivate their students, feel free to ask the facilitator. 

Sessions are divided into a 15-minute presentation followed by a remaining question and answer portion. Unmute yourself to ask a question or type it in the chat. If we can't answer a specific question during the live session, someone from our team will follow up with you. 

Dive Into Spatial-Temporal Theory

The "ST" in ST Math stands for spatial-temporal reasoning, which involves transforming, relating, and comparing physical and mental images in space and time. The topics slated for this year's TeacherTalks will take you through the various dimensions of our pedagogy, showing you the logic behind our grade-level games and how to apply this cutting-edge theory in your classroom.

Become an ST Math Leader

The information delivered here will quickly transform you into the go-to ST Math person at your school. Not only will these strategies and tips make you more efficient in using ST Math, but you’ll also be able to share what you’ve learned with your colleagues and administrators to improve sitewide implementation. 

Connect with Other ST Math Teachers

ST Math supports over 1.8 million students at 5,725 schools across the nation. Our teacher community is one of the best resources to exchange stories and ideas about the practical application of ST Math at the classroom level. 

Take this opportunity to network with other attendees. We encourage you to connect on social media, so you can also see how educators use their creativity to promote JiJi culture and motivate their students. 

“I’m Ready to Join a TeacherTalk!”

Attending a TeacherTalks webinar is easy, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your webinar experience goes off without a hitch.

Register to Save Your Spot

TeachersTalks are 100% free, but seats fill up fast. So if you want to attend a particular session, be sure to complete the quick registration form on the ST Math Academy. That way, we can tailor each presentation to each group and follow up with any information we couldn't cover during the scheduled session. Once you complete registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the live session.

Get Familiar with Cisco Webex

TeacherTalks require the use of your computer, so make sure it's up to date with the latest system requirements for the Cisco Webex video conferencing software to run. You can download the application onto your desktop or run the application in your browser. In addition, sessions are designed to be interactive, so if you want to participate in the discussion, make sure that you enable access to your camera and microphone. 

Want to attend? Register for our first TeacherTalk of the new school year. See you there. 

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