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Quality Instruction to the Core [video]

Jill Diniz presents models that build a sense of coherence for students as they move through grade levels in the common core math standards.

By Calli Welsch April 13, 2017

Knowing where to start in aligning math curriculum to your math standards can be a huge challenge for educators. According to a recent survey from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 42 percent of educators report that the math materials available to them are not well aligned with the common core math standards. In addition, if educators are implementing different models and materials at different grade levels, it may be difficult for students to build understanding from one year to the next.

How can educators find and implement models that not only align with the standards for their grade level, but provide consistency that builds math understanding year over year? Jill Diniz, Director of Mathematics at Great Minds shares her insider's perspective on how school leaders can leverage the shifts of common core to elevate math instruction.

"Having these models consistently used is what builds that sense of coherence across the curricula and empowers [students] to do computations in a way that is efficient."

-Jill Diniz, Director of Mathematics, Great Minds

Quality Instruction to the Core

In this presentation at the Deeper Learning Symposium, Jill Diniz defines high yield models that fuel understanding across multiple grade levels, transition well from the concrete to the pictorial, and relate to the traditional algorithm approach.

Jill describes several effective models and examples, including:

  • Number Bonds
  • Place Value Disks
  • Tape Diagrams

 Watch the full presentation:


Length: 27:45


Presented at the Deeper Learning Symposium: Empowering Your Math Superheroes.

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Calli Welsch is a digital media analyst at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing board games and editing their rules, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWelsch.

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