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Profiles in Success: A Vision of Personalized Learning for Each Student

How Newport Elementary is challenging students at the optimal level for growth.

By Calli Welsch December 14, 2016

Newport Elementary is a small school of 500 students in Perry County, Pennsylvania. Educators were under pressure to address the wide variety of student learning needs.

Newport School District developed a district-wide mission to use personalize learning to prepare students for success. As part of that vision, Newport Elementary implemented center-based classrooms and education technology program ST Math. Now, they are seeing growth in all students.

"Our lead educator really embraced the center-based classroom format. She used the data from ST Math to understand where students were struggling and provide individualized and personalized group instruction.”

-Mike Smith, Principal, Newport Elementary

Read more about Newport Elementary's journey to personalized learning in this downloadble PDF:

 Download Newport Elementary's story

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Calli Welsch is a digital media analyst at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing board games and editing their rules, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWelsch.

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