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Profiles in Success: Increased Student Motivation Leads to 15.5% Better Performance

Gulfport School District looked to innovative and engaging instructional methods to inspire enthusiasm and deeper learning with math.

By Heera Kang January 12, 2017

How do you measure the positive effects of student engagement and motivation for learning? For this diverse, coastal school district in Mississippi, student engagement has made all the difference, particularly in math.   

In response to changing state standards, Gulfport School District knew they needed to bring a deeper level of conceptual understanding and critical thinking into their math classrooms. Their unique method involved the ST Math visual and spatial learning games. 

"We're really impressed by how engaged the students are ... students challenge themselves, set their own goals and push themselves to the next level."
—Lea Bellon, Director of Instructional Programs, Gulfport School District

Gulfport saw what student engagement could do. Their students performed 15.5% better in reaching the top levels of math proficiency, as compared to other students not using ST Math. (Taken from a three-year study including all elementary schools in the district.)

Read more about how Gulfport School District helped students get excited about mathematical problem solving:


 Download Gulfport School District's Profile in Success 

Interested in learning more about ST Math? Request a free 60 day trial below:

ST Math 30 day Free Trial

Heera Kang was Manager of Engagement Content and Design at MIND Research Institute. Productive struggle, growth mindset and equity in education are some of her favorite topics.

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