Rainbow Rainforest

Zoomer Zebras

Veterans Memorial Intermediate School

Game description:  The backstory of our game is that you and your zebras friend(s) lost your rainbow colors when a huge storm swept them away to the Rainbow Rainforest. You turned into boring black and white zebras. You and your friend(s) ventured off to get your colors back, but you were forced to answer a math questions, so that the next part of the road would appear. If you answered the question correct the next part of the path would appear. If you answered it wrong, the part you were standing on would disappear and you would have to move back.

  • Each player will choose a zebra game piece that will represent them throughout the game.
  • The youngest player will go first and will pick up a card.
  • If they pick up the card and it says easy above the question, then the player will move one space forward if they answered it correct, and one space back if they answer it wrong.
  • If the card says medium the player will move either two spaces forward or two spaces back.
  • The hard cards will cause the player to move three spaces forward or three spaces back.
  • The player that reaches the end of the board first will receive a rainbow zebra.