PB&J KnockOut

Math Kool Aid
Discovery Elementary School

Game description: Keeping our love for Peanut Butter and Jelly alive we created this game to make a fun math game. This game is covering the math concepts of Operations & Algebraic Thinking (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It’s a multi-level knockout game that has math cards, ping pong ball shooter , 4 balls , 3 strikers , bonus cards , bands and a 10 cup pyramid. The points you earn, you can use those points to upgrade and buy new strikers. The first player to fully upgrade their game play wins.

  • The oldest player goes first, with 2 or more players per game session. 
  • You will pick one card different difficulty decks of the game. Once you start with one deck you have to stick with it till the rest of the game.
  • Your card will say a math problem that you will have to solve to get a chance to shoot and gain points.
    Difficulty levels of Math Problems are: Easy, Normal, Hard and Pro
  • Set up the bread/cups, all 10 in a pyramid form.
  • Pick a card and answer it if you get it correct you get a turn to shoot the bread/cups with peanut butter ball for every bread knocked down you get 2 points (you start with 1 ball and 1st level sticker).
  • You may not pick more than one card of any type in one turn.
  • If you answer a problem incorrectly, you will not get to shoot. So no points earned :( .
  • To load the gun place the peanut butter and jelly balls in the top barrel and push it down. To fire place the rubber band in the striker by opening the striker don’t forget to attach the rubber band to the marked area on the front of the PBJ GUN and pull back the striker then let go to launch.
  • You may also downgrade and get refunded, if you want.
  • Strikers: Striker one; orange, cardboard pusher, Striker two; light up and Striker three; black
  • Bonus cards: Take away points or gain points, Make you miss turns and Do your opponents questions.

    Points system:
    Every upgrade striker 1 to striker 2, 10 points
    Upgrade striker 2 to striker 3, 20 points
    Upgrade 1 ball to 2 balls, 5 points
    Upgrade 2 ball to 3 balls, 10 points
    Upgrade 3 ball to 4 balls, 15 points
  • You need all 3 striker upgrades and all 4 ball up grades to win.
  • Hope we get a chance to play this game with everyone , this game has math testing with some cool geometry and physics concepts involved while shooting from the ping pong ball shooter.