Mini Mountain

Mini Engineers
Mission Viejo Christian School

Game description: Players solve math problems and race around the mountain.

  • To win you must go around the mountain all the way to the finish.
  • To play this game you must have 2 to 4 players
  • Choose an animal figure, and set your figures at the starting point.
  • All cards must be face down.
  • Let each person roll the dice.
  • The person with the lowest number on the dice starts first.
  • The person who rolled the lowest number will pick up a multiplication card first.
  • When the card is chosen, that person must try to answer the multiplication card correctly. If you answer it wrong your turn will get skipped.
  • If you draw a circle with a line crossed through it from the card deck, your turn will also get skipped.
  • If you answer the multiplication card correctly, move on with the game by rolling the dice.
  • If you land on one of the three numbers, take your figure and move it up the mountain that many spaces (the dice only has three numbers on it in this game, this is how many spaces your figure must move).
  • In addition to the three numbers, you will find two different pictures on the dice. The one with the check means your turn gets skipped, and the one with the sad face means you must move your figure back two spaces.
  • Have fun racing up Mini Mountain!