Math Amusement Park

Math is Fun!
Mission Viejo Christian School

Game description: To win the game, slide down the fun water slide and land in fraction pools. The player whose fractions add up to 5 first, wins! This is a game for players ages 9+ and up to 4 players may play this game.

  • Choose a score checker. The score checker must be great at adding fractions and will be determined by who wants to be it. The benefit of being score checker is starting with a bonus of ½ of a point at the beginning of the game.
  • Each player will get a marble. Players send their marble down the water-slide.
  • After players put their marble in the slide, it cannot be touched again until it lands in a fraction pool. The marble will go through obstacles on its way to the fraction pool.
  • When the marble lands in a fraction, players must write the fraction on their scorecard.
  • Other competitors will take their turn.
  • After everyone has gone once, repeat the steps, adding the fractions on the individual scorecards along the way. Remember to have the score keeper check each addition problem.
  • If a player lands on "Lose a Turn," that turn is lost and a fraction is not earned. You may not re-do the turn.
  • If a player's marble lands in the “RE-DO” section, start over and try your turn again.
  • The first player to reach 5 points wins!