Hook the Fish

Mission Viejo Christian School

Game description: To win the game, hook fish by answering multiplication cards the fastest. When the multiplication cards run out, the player with the most points wins! This game is designed for players ages 8+.

  • To set up the game, scorekeepers write down ye matey’s first initials on the whiteboard. Two sets of initials shall be written down by the two scorekeepers.


  • The youngest matey shall go first.
  •  Start each round by rolling the die to see how many seconds each player gets to answer their problem and unhook their fish. Each player gets the same amount of time. Whatever number of seconds comes up on the die is how many seconds each player gets.
  • Next, the scorekeeper/card reader sets the timer and when each player is ready, they press START and the race begins.
  • There will be two players competing. One plays on one side of the board, the other on the opposite side. Each player has their own scorekeeper/card reader. Those two read the problem from the card at the top of the deck to their assigned player. Whenever a player finishes a math problem they look for the answer on one of the fish. If they see the answer, the player hooks the fish by removing the brad.
  • The card reader checks by looking at the fish they hooked and compares it to the top right corner on the card in their hand where the correct answer is. The card reader marks weather it is right or wrong on the dry erase board by making a tally mark for a point earned. The card reader does not tell the player if it is right or wrong.
  • The first player to correctly hook the fish ends that round. Only one player can get a point each round. If the other player has not finished their problem, they begin a new one when the timer starts the next round.
  • Players are racing one another to complete each question each round. After all cards have been read, card readers tally how many fish have been correctly hooked.
  • The winner hooks the most fish the fastest and correctly.