Guess or Assess

Guess or Assess
Manzanita School and Institute

Game description: In Guess or Assess, players move through the board by doing simple operations. When they land on a space, they either add or subtract the number written on the space to their score tally. The person that makes it to the end with the most points wins. Highlights of the game include wild card spaces, taking the risky road, and collecting the colors of the rainbow.

  • Each player starts with 10 points.
  • To move, roll the dice and spin the operation spinner. Use the two numbers with the operation to get a number. Move that many spaces.
  • In your head, add or subtract the number that you land on to your score. Write down your new score.
  • If you land on a wild card, do what it says.
  • If you land on a color, write it down. If you collect the whole rainbow, you earn 300 points.
  • The person who has the most points at the end, wins!