Fraction Tag

The Fractioneers

Cajon Valley Union School District

Game description:  Students will tag a player with a matching fraction that creates a whole number.

  • 4-10 players
  • You need the same number of index cards as players (Green/Purple)
  • Put the index card on your shirt with tape
  • Purple Team tags the Green Team
  • The Green Team runs away from the Purple Team
  • Everybody on the Purple Team needs a different fraction
  • Some people on the Green Team will have an equivalent fraction to their team mates.
  • The Green Team can not get points
  • When you tag your matching fraction, walk together to the referee.
  • When you show your matching fraction to the referee, if the two fractions create a whole, the Purple Person gets dot on his/her hand for a point.
  • The first person on the Purple Team to get three dots on their hand wins.
  • If you have an odd number of players the extra person would be on the team that’s running away



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