Check "Er" Twice

Math Strati Tions

Veterans Memorial Intermediate School

Game description: One day two boys became best friends, they had very similar backgrounds, except for the fact that one loved to play math games and the other loved to play strategy games, especially checkers. Many years into the future they both turned out to follow the passion that they had as kids, one became a mathematician and the other became a professional checkers player.

They eventually retired and decided that they weren’t going to stop pursuing the things that they loved to do. One day they went out to breakfast together and they talked about continuing to pursue their favorite things, so they developed a game with a mix of both. As two retired men, they had nothing better to do. Eventually it became very successful world wide. They named it Check “Er” Twice, this is because they both had to check every move they made during their careers. They continued to play the game ‘til the day they died.
  • You move the checker piece through the board diagonally.
  • If an opponent piece is in front of you, and the space in front of them is empty you can jump in front and claim their piece.
  • Once you get to your opponent's side, you get kinged
  • In the beginning, you will be given a deck of addition and subtraction problems.
  • You will have to answer a problem so you can move. (If you get it right, you move, if you get it wrong you will have to stay in the same spot until your next turn.)
  • When you enter or pass the opponent's half you will be given a deck of multiplication and division cards.
  • When you become kinged, you will be given a deck with mixed problems. (+,-,×,÷)
  • The first person to claim all the pieces wins