Calculator Chaos

Calculator Chaos
Reeds Brook Middle School

Game description: This is a short math game that focuses on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  This is a mystery video game with a goal to find out who stole the calculator from Burnsley.  Burnsely is a normal town, but no one was good at math, luckily they had their calculator to help them until it was stolen. 

  • There are 8 houses to your right and 4 houses to your left, which you can go in and out of.
  • The 8 houses are the suspects, you can accuse them but you only have one guess. If you guess wrong, you lose. 
  • The 4 houses, are were you can find witnesses. You will answer 6 math questions to find clues. 
  • You have 12 minutes to find the thief. If you run out of time, you lose. 
  • You will use different operations in different locations.  
  • If you accuse the right suspect, you will be given a math problem to solve and win.